is a blog dedicated to any and all forms of hacking, and security.  The author is Beau Bullock, a security professional with a passion for learning the techniques hackers use to penetrate networks.  Beau believes firmly that looking at the world through the eyes of a hacker will help in defending against truly malicious individuals and/or parties.  In order to understand these attack methods one must set up test environments to practice the techniques hackers use in a safe and legal way.  This medium of blogging will be used in a way Beau can keep track of all the things he finds interesting as well. Posts will contain information regarding any of the following subjects but are not limited to: hacking, security, beer, guitar, or audio engineering. Beau is a host of the security web show Hack Naked TV, and has given presentations at DerbyCon, SANS, HTCIA, and Security BSides conferences. For slides and videos from some of these talks click here

Beau holds the OSCP, OSWP, GXPN, GWAPT, GCFA, GPEN, GCIH, and GSEC certifications.