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DAFTHACK Hacking Challenge #1

posted Feb 21, 2014, 6:42 PM by Beau Bullock   [ updated Apr 13, 2014, 10:53 AM ]
This is DAFTHACK's first ever Hacking Challenge! I wanted to try my hand at creating a challenge so I put together this contest.  If this one goes well I might try to put more together in the future. This first challenge will involve PCAP analysis. 

The rules are simple:
Analyze the PCAP file below, find the flag, email it to me here: beau{at}

If you find the flag, and are the first person to email it to me you will receive free entrance to BSides Orlando 2014 ($20 value) on April 5th, and 6th 2014. Also, I will buy whoever solves this challenge first a beer of their choice at Security BSides Orlando 2014!

Here is some back story for this challenge:
The brothers of the North have ruled these seas for many years. They take what they need in order to supply for their families, tribute to the gods, and continue the growth of their tribe. King Jormungand is a great leader but like most great leaders he still has those who oppose him.

A small group of insiders are planning a mutiny. This group is planning on raiding ally villages without the consent of the king in order to make it look like the king has turned on them. In return, these allies would most likely become enemies and attack back. Luckily for the king, a packet capture caught the legion of Viking mutineers in the act of planning their next raid. 

You are tasked with analyzing this capture, and reporting back to the king with the location of the group's next raid. King Jormungand will use this information to cut them off, and eliminate these malicious insiders!

Disclaimer: This contest will run up until April 4th, 2014. Only the first person to email me the correct answer will receive free entry to Security BSides Orlando 2014 on April 5th, and 6th 2014 (and one free beer on me). This contest does not include any sort of travel or hotel fees. You will have to make your own arrangements getting to the conference. I'll post an update at the top of this page once a winner has sent me the correct flag notifying all other participants that the contest is over.

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