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DAFTNEWS 0421-0427

posted Apr 27, 2012, 12:36 PM by Beau Bullock

FBI Seize Email Servers - Searching for bomb threat evidence the FBI seized email servers.

Android Trojan - Uses the phones motion sensors to detect what keys the user presses.

Company Accidentally Fires All Employees - Meaning to only fire one employee via email a UK company accidentally fires entire company.

Scotland Yard Cyber Crime - A fake police ransomware site ends up getting officers wrongful blame.

Backdoor in Ruggedcom - A hardcoded backdoor has been found in all versions of Ruggedcom industrial control systems. 

Hotmail Trial Disastrous Backfire - Magazine author tries Hotmail after 6 years with Gmail and ends up getting hacked.

VMware Source Code Leak - VMWare acknoledged the leak in a note on their website.

Arcadyan Router Backdoor -  Arcadyan-based Wi-Fi Routers have a backdoor making WPA2 easy to bypass.

Oracle 0-day - An Oracle vulnerability known about since 2008 was allegedly patched or so the finder of the vulnerability thought when he published a proof of concept exploit.  Turns out the vulnerability is patched in future Oracle releases.  All current versions are vulnerable and will remain so.