A perfect Linux distribution for penetration testers. It includes all the tools anyone would ever need to pwn any network.

A site dedicated to listing exploit code.

Googledorks; How to use Google to find more information on sites than you would with a regular search.

Hardware hacks, software hacks, and life hacks!

Hacking site with great videos and tutorials. They also sell the Jasager (WIFI Pineapple), Ubertooth One, and Ninja Star Lan Taps.

Adrian Crenshaw's security site.

Completely bypass Windows Authentication with this tool.

Brian Krebs' blog.

A great tutorial on how to use Metasploit. 

Vulnerability Scanner. There is a free version for home use.

A pocket reference guide for Netcat.

PDF of pretty much every password cracking method known to man. 

Encrypted password organizer. 

The best security podcast ever. Hacking, security, and brews. 

SANS. The leading source in security education. 

Bruce Schneier's blog.

Spear phish your employees with the SPToolkit to educate them about malicious email. 

David Kennedy, creator of the social engineering toolkit's website.

This site describes the perfect setup to wardrive and create a Google Earth view of the area driven. 

Joshua Wright's wireless hacking website.

Network protocol analyzer.
 The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill, and professional growth of its members.
Network forensics puzzles are hosted here every so often.
A good place to find upcoming "Capture the flag" competitions.
 OWASP is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted.
The DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge encourages innovation from a broad range of individuals, teams, and institutions to provide technical solutions for computer forensic examiners in the lab as well as in the field.
Backtrack is now Kali Linux. This penetration testing distribution contains practically every pentesting tool out there.
Security BSides are community driven events put on by the security community.  They usually include technical talks, CTF's, and lockpick villages.
BSides Orlando is an annual Security BSides event put on by local information security professionals. Previously there have been awesome technical talks, CTF's, lockpick villages, and epic electronic badges.
Security news website.
Security news and postings on some of the latest exploits and vulnerabilities.
F-Secure weblog
Recon-ng is a great open-source tool for gathering information either during or before a penetration test begins.
Central Florida Information Security and Hacking Group

Black Hills InfoSec
Penetration Testing Services