Poisonports is a set of self defense scripts to be used in capture the flag(CTF) events where the competitors are allowed to attack each other. This is a very basic first version of the project and has many areas for improvement. Basically, poisonports sets up listeners on multiple ports. Then, when a port has been connected to, like when an attacker is running a portscan, the script captures their IP address and adds a rule to iptables to drop all further packets from that IP. A counterscan is then initiated against the attacking IP so you can continue to go about your flag capturing and check back later on poisonports to see that it has captured service information about your opponents.

git clone https://github.com/beaubullock/Poisonports/

To run poisonports make sure all three files (poisonports.sh, shields.sh, and counterscan.sh) are all in the same folder.  You may need to chmod the files to let them run.



v1.0 - 09/27/2012
Initial release


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